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Back Skate 1 Touch w/C – skater and C face each other closely. Skater skates BWD and passes puck to C. Several passes are made between them. Skater then pivots outside and heads to the net and gets pass from C.
Cont’ 2 Man Cycle – C throws puck into a corner then 2 skaters stagger as they retrieve the puck and work a give and go cycle pass and attack the net. The non shooter then retrieves a puck in the opposite corner and this pattern continues with the next skater in line.
Mini B/out into 2v1 – skaters 1 & 2 pivot at the blue line as skaters 3 & 4 follow FWD. Skater 1 receives a pass from 3 then pivots outside and passes to 2 behind the net. 2 then passes to either 3 or 4 as they are positioned in B/out spots. 3&4 then head into the NZ, turn around and attack 1, 2v1. Add 1 F/checker.
Group Races w/out sticks – a continuous race around a zig zag pattern without sticks. Add sticks and pucks.
Sippy Straw Skate – as shown on sketch. Good skills opener. FWDs, Pivots, and with pucks. Over speed outside F/off dots is a good return skate to the starting point.
Big Peanut Skate – skating patter as shown. First skater at each station goes at same time. Next group starts when the others get back to their starting point. Good group skate. Add puck, go BWD, and go in the opposite direction.