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FACE FWD CIRCLES– 3 at a time, pivot from FWD to BWD and BWD to FWD at the tops and bottoms of both F/off circles, then up the boards and across the red or blue line stopping at the boards. Big Overspeed can follow this as a way back to starting point.
BIG OVERSPEED– 3 at a time, skate towards diagonal F/off dot and turn in direction of the goal line then stay outside remaining 3 F/off dots crossing over at a high pace until they reach goal line.
SHAVES– turn/pivot at each cone then get a pass from a Coach and shoot.
3 MAN FIG 8s– middle man skates around ends in a figure 8 pattern for 20 seconds. Add a puck or have skater’s pivot BWD – FWD and vice versa at each end alternating the foot they pivot with.
CONE MAZE– make random turns amongst the cone configuration using all edges and both forehand and backhand of stick. 20 second intervals, then go shoot. Leave puck in maze and receive pass from Coach.
HALF PEANUT– skate in and out of two cones then get a pass from Coach and shoot. Skate to the parallel cone (opposite side) then pivot before getting pass from Coach.
OVERSPEED CIRCLES– skate along the red line then turn outside the Neutral zone F/off dots creating a circle and overspeed then pick up a puck and shoot on goal.
TRI – CONE– skater goes at front cone and shaves/pivots BWD to end cone then pivots again FWDs and repeats the pattern now working opposite edge.
2 – CONE W/PASS – same idea as Tri Cone, just with out front cone. As the skater enters area between cones, C passes him a puck and gets it right back quickly as the skater continues his pattern. Not Easy.
PARTNER PIVOTS W/PUCK– starting close together with partner, A passes to B as B skates BWDs. They make a few passes in this motion, then B makes full turn and skate towards A as A skates BWDs, just like drill began. This pattern continues. 2 groups at a time.
STICK SKATE– skaters place their stick on ice and skate around it, pivoting/shaving at each end. Work both edges.
ALL PURPOSE D SKATE– 2 at a time, Go FWD, then shave to right, BWDs half way, then pivot to right to where drill began. Alternate direction of pivot/shave.