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Process: The tryout process will essentially remain the same with some slight modifications.

  1. Using prior player evaluations from last year's coaches the LEVEL DIRECTORS will identify players to be placed on the top team at that level. For example, the "A" level team. The number of players assigned to this top team may be more or less as warranted by the prior year coach evaluations. The VICE PRESIDENT is responsible for reviewing/overseeing work done by the LEVEL DIRECTORS relative to the try out process. The VICE PRESIDENT will also oversee and review the work done by the LEVEL DIRECTORS relating to this process modification.
  2. The top level team will be incomplete until the program conducts a tryout. 
  3. Depending on time and ice availability, LEVEL DIRECTORS will organize the tryouts for each of their levels consistent with existing processes. Note: It is entirely possible unassigned players may only get a single tryout.
  4. Any player not in the WHK program for the 2022-2023 season must attend a tryout before that player can be placed on a team. (This is consistent with current policy for players new to the program.)

Our thanks to everyone in the program for your understanding and cooperation.