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Midget Evaluations - 8/30 - 5:20 PM - Hobomock 2

The following players should attend the second evaluation skate. 

If you cannot make it, please respond to Mike Antoine ( ) and Jeff Uva (jeffuva@comcast.net) before EOD Saturday 8/29 so teams can be adjusted appropriately or players can be added.

All players must have paid registration in full to be able to take the ice.

Black       Red    
          Burke Jackson
  Calabrese Rocco     Corby William
  Coles Drew     Delle Chiaie Trey
  Foster Liam     Generazo Michael
  Foster Rhys     Hicks Nathan
  Hingston Jr William     Joyce Daniel
  Hughes Patrick     Leger Thomas
  Jenkins Tommy     Mackinnon Gavin
  Marchetti John     MacNeil Jimmy
  McDonald Jake     Mayo Mikey
  McKee Jake     O'Hearn Edward
  Morgan Billy     Scaccia Nathan
  O'Neil Sean     Whitman James
  Romano Dominic     Keddy Ryan

Goalies:  Keddy, Romano