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Pee Wee Evaluations #2 - 4/13/21 - 8:30 PM - Hobomock 1

All players must have paid the registration fee in full to be able to take the ice.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  We will be reviewing and confirming current payment status at the check in table.

We are currently finalizing the inital stage of the evaluation process. Players will be posted here that should attend this evaluation skate once the inital registration review has been completed.



Wesley Lade
Josh Tobin 
Jenna Henley
Conor Lydon
Amani Dejesus
Jude Williams
Camryn Dematos
Liam Coveney
Ryan Galagher
Coleman Durkee
Hughie Frisoli
Grace Keshishian
Wes Petersen
Shane Cinquegrano
Jackson Conover
Cameron Grady
Michael Cecere
Brian Favreau
Marcus Barakat
Aidan Cerrato
Adam Olivier
Ryan Miller
Brady Toulopoulos
Brandon Hines
Andrew Lewis
Jacob Orsie
Liam Landolfi
Collin Armour
Brayden Staiti
Sean Sweeney
Ryan Merrill (G)   Brennan Dougherty (G)
Liam Quinn (G)