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Pee Wee Evaluations - 8/30 - 4:10 PM - Hobomock 2

The following players should attend the above evaluation skate.  

All players must have paid registration in full to be able to take the ice.


Black       Red      
  Bakarat Marcus     Bateman Patrick  
  Cappelletti Christopher   Girard Tommy  
  Cerrato Aidan     Grady Cameron  
  Clements Will     Henley Emily  
  Duff John     Mello William  
  Graves Aedan     Orsie Jacob  
  Hariburt Shane     Pelland Kyle  
  Kennedy Jr Sean     Peters Jacen  
  Keshishian Grace     Quinn Liam  
  Lydon Connor     Shields Logan  
  Aidan Murphy     Toulopoulos Brady  
  Watchorn Sadie G   MacInnis Owen G