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Squirt Tryout - 4/11/22 - 7:20 P.M. Hobomock 1

All players must have paid the registration fee in full to be able to take the ice.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  We will be reviewing and confirming current payment status at the check in table.

We are currently finalizing the inital stage of the evaluation process. Players will be posted here that should attend this evaluation skate once the inital registration review has been completed.  



Allen, Matthew G   Beltramini, Jack
Boss, Alexandria   Bitting, Dylan
Brine, Chase   Burke, Colton
Carey, Patrick   Carter, Christian
DeLue Jr, Ryan   Hawes, Brayden
Dias, William   Henley, Coleman
Faherty, Matthew   LoSciuto, Nicholas
Levesque, Jackson   McKenna, Michael
Merrill, Owen   McMullen, Ryan
Pavidis, Joseph   Ohearn, Owen
Plant, Edward   Tarr, Kendall
Reed, Graeme    
Scott, Andrew