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Squirt Evaluation #2 - 4/13/21 - 7:20 P.M. Hobomock 1

All players must have paid the registration fee in full to be able to take the ice.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  We will be reviewing and confirming current payment status at the check in table.

We are currently finalizing the inital stage of the evaluation process. Players will be posted here that should attend this evaluation skate once the inital registration review has been completed.  


Nathan Bennett
Chase Brine
Cameron Brine
Christian Carter
Carter Burns
Logan Dematos
Nathan Edge
Guy Fall
Matthew Galluzzo
Zachary Fife
Lucas McLaughlin
Samantha Hinchey
Edward Plant  
Alicia Keegan
John Murray
Brian McLaughlin
Joseph Pavidis
Owen Merrill
Tyler Wilson
Declan O’Keefe
Angiolina Chiaramonte    
Jack deBrun
Olivia Leger
Matthew Allen