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Microsoft Word file Add'l Practice Drills

Media file Cheat Sheet

Media file Defensive Zone Breakdown

Microsoft Word file D-Zone Breakdown Explanation

Media file Game-Play Drills-  GAME PLAY DRILLS 3V2 DOWN LOW– 3Fs attack the net against the 2D and find openings for shots or passes. A new puck is dumped in by coach after a goal or steal from D. D RETREATS/B-OUT/3v0 ENTRY– D skate and pivot then retrieve a puck vs pressure from 2 FCs. They read/communicate and make the open pass to any open F, then they enter neutral zone before turning back and entering offensive zone 3v0. Do without FCs at first. BU POWER PLAY– 4 Fs stay in their general area creating passing outlets and scoring

Microsoft Excel file Hawks Game Sheet Labels

Media file Passing Drills-  4 SQ PASS– 4 players on outside are still. Skater in the middle passes to any outside player then goes freely on a skate. When a sensible passing angle is created, the pass goes back to the skater. Continue this pattern for 20 seconds or so. Outside players may make one pass on outside while skater moves. Have two skaters, each with a puck, go at the same time. D-DPASSIN NEUTRAL BUTTERFLY PASSING GIVE-N-GO W/COACH CIRCLEPASS– middle man passes to any perimeter man. Perimeter then passes to any other per

Media file Shooting Drills-  BUTTERFLY– alternating lines, each skater goes between lines and picks up a puck, then goes around his line and in on goal for a shot. This drill can become a 2v0. HALF MOON SHOOTING

Media file Skating Drills-  FACE FWD CIRCLES– 3 at a time, pivot from FWD to BWD and BWD to FWD at the tops and bottoms of both F/off circles, then up the boards and across the red or blue line stopping at the boards. Big Overspeed can follow this as a way back to starting point. BIG OVERSPEED– 3 at a time, skate towards diagonal F/off dot and turn in direction of the goal line then stay outside remaining 3 F/off dots crossing over at a high pace until they reach goal line. SHAVES– turn/pivot at each cone then get a pass from a Coac

Media file Skills Plan

Media file Warm Ups